Party Trays and Gift Baskets:

Party Trays:

We can create you a party tray whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dessert.  Any of our products can be arranged on a nice tray; it will look wonderful and taste just as good.  You will be a hit at your gathering. These items are custom orders and will need to be called in at least 2 days ahead of time in order for us to keep the items fresh and customized. Thank you for your interest!

Gift Baskets:          **Special Order Items:                                                                          

These make great gifts for the person who has everything or for a person you need to brighten their day. They can be filled with an assortment (our choice) or you may choose to fill it with their favorite items.  Call us with your special request and let us personalize your gift basket.

Cookie Baskets:                                                                                                                                                                               Small ( 2 dozen)  $29.00                             Medium  (3 1/2 dozen)    $40.00            Large    (5 1/2 Dozen)    $58.00

Cookie Bags (1dz Cookies)  $8.00   Red Cookie Box (2dz Cookies)$22.00


Fudge Tins (1lb) $20.00 Fudge only(boxed) $17.00 (1lb)

Christmas Tree Candy Tin   $21.00 (6 truffles, 6 almond candy, 6 fudge, and 6 peanut clusters)

Candy Basket $30.00 (6 almond candy, 6 fudge, 6 truffles)

Candy boxes $17.00 (3 truffles, 3 almond candy, 3 fudge, 3 chocolate covered peanuts)

Gift Baskets

Small Basket $45.00 (1 1/2dz Cookies, 3 Brownies, 3 pieces of candy)

Medium Basket $50.00
(1 Mini Loaf Nut Bread, 1 1/2dz Cookies, 6 Brownies, & 6 pieces of candy)

Large Basket $68.00
(2 Mini Loaf Nut Bread, 3 dz Cookies, 1dz Brownies, & 1dz pieces of candy)

Jumbo Basket $88.00
(3 Mini Loaf Nut Bread, 5dz Cookies, 1 dz Brownies, & 18 pieces of candy)

Gift Trays

Tray # 1 $44.00 2 1/2 dz Cookies, 1dz Brownies & 6 pieces of candy

Tray # 2 $55.00 3 1/2 dz Cookies, 1dz Brownies & 12 pieces of candy

Tray # 3 $65.00  5 dz Cookies, 1dz Brownies, 12 pieces of candy, and 1/2 lb.  fudge

Christmas Tree Gift Tin: ( 6 cookies, 3 brownies, & 3 pieces of candy)

We would appreciate 2 days notice, Thanks.

Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad by the pound                        $9.50 per pound
Family Style King Ranch Chicken                                           $6.50 per person