S & J Bakery

S & J Bakery is a bother / sister team.  Susan Wright and Jason Cox are the owners and opened the doors November 17, 1995 in a 600 square foot one room building and have grown to a 5300 square foot building. We have a dining room and a drive thru for your convenience.  We pride ourselves in customer service.  We want to make our customers feel like they are at home.  We take the time to treat every customer with respect no matter the size of the order.

We are closed on week-ends for family time.  We are a family business and try to keep family first.  Our staff and our customers are our second family, and we hope the customers feel the same. 

We are truly "blessed" we have a good business and a good clientele.  Please feel free to come in and chat.  We have a regular coffee drinkers table they are a table full of wiser individuals.  We have a group of co-workers that reserves a table for the "birthday lunch".  We would be please to accommodate you.

We want to thank-you for a great twenty-two years!

Sincere Thanks,

Susan &  Jason