Our Story

S & J Bakery opened their doors on November 17, 1995 in a small 900 square foot building. The co-owners are Susan (Cox) Wright and Jason Cox; a sister and brother team. The beginning was very difficult; it took every dime we had to keep the doors open those first two to three years. We have been blessed through the years with valued customers.

Our parents showed us how to respect people and to work hard. We owe a lot of our success to the way we were raised. We incorporated our family recipes. When we were growing up mom had us in the kitchen with her while she was baking and cooking. We like to keep things fresh as possible. We are still very much hands on. We are proud of our growing business. This is a family business and we try to treat our employees like family. We pride ourselves in conducting business the way we like to be treated when we go out. We feel that our regular customers are more like friends. In November 1995 we had our 25th year anniversary and without these friends we would not be in business.  We appreciate the support of our community.